Mai 2024

May 2024

As May approaches, strawberry and asparagus stands can be seen frequently on the streets of Germany. Even though they are small, there is a constant stream of customers visiting to buy the freshest strawberries and asparagus.

Asparagus is graded, and the more blemish-free and thicker it is, the more expensive it is. The cheapest ones are about 20 stalks for about 8 euros. Strawberries are sold for 4-5 euros per pack.

White asparagus and strawberries German white asparagus and strawberries are symbols of the food culture of spring and early summer. These ingredients are widely enjoyed on the local tables and in markets.

Green asparagus also appears at the market.

About White Asparagus

I peel it and eat it

  1. Cultivation method :

    • White asparagus stays white by being grown underground and avoiding sunlight. It is grown under raised ridges in the ground, so photosynthesis does not take place and the asparagus remains white.
    • Harvesting is done by hand, with peak harvest occurring in the spring (usually April to June).
  2. cooking :

    • It is often prepared simply by boiling or steaming, and traditional accompaniments include melted butter, ham, potatoes, and hollandaise sauce.
    • It can also be used in soups, salads, risotto, etc.
    • Great as a Japanese ingredient in tempura, miso stir-fry, skewers, etc.
  1. Features :

    • White asparagus is also called "white gold" and is considered a luxury food ingredient.
    • Asparagus is particularly widely grown in the states of Baden-Württemberg and Lower Saxony, where asparagus festivals and markets are held.

Pair with ham and salmon and enjoy a rich, creamy hollandaise sauce.


  1. Cultivation method :

    • In Germany, strawberries are mainly grown outdoors, but also in greenhouses, with the peak harvest season being early summer (May to July).
    • Local farms are popular for their "U-pick" style farms, where customers can pick their own produce.
  2. cooking :

    • It is usually eaten fresh, but it is also used in cakes, desserts, jams, compotes and salads.
    • The most famous dessert is "Erdbeerkuchen" (strawberry cake), a sponge cake topped with strawberries and solidified with gelatin. It is a little different from Japanese shortcake. This square cake is also filled with cream, allowing you to enjoy the fresh strawberry flavor.
  3. Features :

    • Strawberries are also a seasonal symbol, marking the transition from spring to summer.
    • Regional strawberry festivals and fresh strawberries sold at street corner strawberry stands have become a seasonal feature of Germany in spring and summer.

Attractive square Erdbeerenkuchen with sparkling jelly

Once you've picked a basket full, you can either eat the cake with jam or just eat it as is...


White asparagus and strawberries are important ingredients in Germany that reflect the regional food culture and seasonal feeling. White asparagus is a luxury ingredient that requires a lot of time and effort to grow, and strawberries are loved by many people for their freshness and sweetness. Both are indispensable in German markets and homes from spring to early summer.

Now, aren't you all starting to feel like eating it? If you are in Germany, we recommend that you visit in early summer. Try white asparagus dishes, which are hard to find in Japan, at a German restaurant, and buy a box of sweet and sour strawberries at a strawberry stand on your way home!

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