New Year's Eve Silvester in Germany in 2024 is a big deal

Happy New Year everyone! A new year has begun. I look forward to taking on even more adventures and growing this year.

Now, after the solemn Christmas season, Germans have the custom of lighting fireworks on New Year's Eve. It's not like the fireworks festivals in Japan, but rather, people buy a lot of fireworks individually and set them off with their family and friends at midnight on the first day of the new year.

Fireworks are sold from three days before New Year's Eve, and you can see people lining up at supermarkets from early in the morning, a sight unthinkable in Japan. Some people spend about 100,000 yen on fireworks. Generally, most fireworks are for sale.

Now, it is finally midnight on January 1st, 2024.

Suddenly, a loud banging bang bang noise echoed even in this rural area.

We were a little nervous when we lit the box of 40 fireworks we had bought, but it was all over in the blink of an eye in just 10 seconds!

Afterwards, everyone continued to set off their own fireworks until 1am.

I went to have a quick look around the neighborhood, but I immediately regretted it, as the roads had already become so dangerous. Huge fireworks were set off all over the road, exploding one after another, and there were many people throwing fireworks in any direction they wanted, like grenades. It was chaos!

No matter how many years I've lived here, I still can't get used to spending New Year's Eve like this.

There's nothing like falling asleep peacefully listening to the Japanese bells on New Year's Eve!


What kind of year do you want 2024 to be? Perfect EU sincerely wishes you all a wonderful year.

Thank you for reading!

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