Februar 2024

February 2024

Helau!!! Helau!!!

The season has come when people march through town in costumes shouting:

After a harsh winter, the season has finally arrived!

Once February arrives, Germany is filled with carnival spirit as it celebrates the eagerly awaited spring.

Even schools and companies close for a week for the carnival ^^;

Germans are usually serious, frugal and thrifty people, but on this special day they become completely different people, and both adults and children dress up in whatever costumes they like and play. I'm always amazed by this contrast with their usual selves every year.

Seeing a sullen city hall official transformed into a punk rocker, a plain teacher transformed into a flashy clown, and children in all sorts of costumes ranging from princesses to Mario to animals will have you smiling too.

A large float-like thing is paraded through the town, scattering a huge amount of sweets. Children go wild picking them up, and are overjoyed. Sometimes cosmetics for adults are also scattered. In small towns, children's parties are held in halls.

This is a custom that is unfamiliar to us Japanese people. Although I have been witnessing the carnival and dressing up for years, I still have not been able to become a part of it and just watch it as if I were a tourist.

If you have the chance to visit Germany in February, why not try attending this costume carnival?

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