März 2024

March 2024

As March begins, the sun's face has become much more powerful, and the number of warm days has increased. The faces of people walking along the walkways are all smiling cheerfully. When you bathe in the spring sunshine, it's natural to smile.

Now, in Germany, it is Easter season and schools and companies are also closed for the Easter holidays.

In Germany, Easter (Ostern) is observed as an important religious event for Christians. Below are some traditions and customs associated with Easter in Germany.

  1. Easter eggs (Osterei): Easter eggs are eggs decorated with symbolic ornaments and are one of the symbols of Easter. Children often organize egg hunts in the garden and families often decorate eggs together.

  2. Easter Tree (Osterbaum): At Easter, it is customary to decorate an Easter tree, decorated like a Christmas tree, with colorful eggs and ornaments attached to it.

  3. Easter Bread (Osterbrot): Special breads and cakes are baked at Easter, such as "Osterfladen" and "Osterlamm".

  4. Religious Observances: Many Germans go to church during the Easter period to take part in religious ceremonies and services, with many Christians gathering in churches on Easter Sunday.

  5. Holidays and family time: Easter is usually observed as part of a spring holiday or long weekend, which involves gathering with family and friends. During the holiday, people also engage in picnics and outdoor activities to welcome the arrival of spring.

*These customs and traditions are not uniform throughout Germany, and there are subtle differences from region to region.

Even in Japan, which has adopted various Western cultural events such as Christmas and Halloween, Easter is still a relatively unknown event. However, it seems that it may gradually become more widely known through sweets and events.

The sweets and decorations associated with Easter are all filled with bright and pretty pastel colors such as pink, yellow, blue and yellow-green, making the joy of spring even more exciting. They may be similar in color to the diamond-shaped rice cakes and confetti of the Japanese Hinamatsuri. In Japan, it is a beautiful season when cherry blossoms bloom and people go to see flowers, and it is strange that Easter in Germany gives the same warmth, even though the events are different.

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